Meet the Owners

Chris scaled


  • Nickname: Pappy
  • Role: Service/Sales Tech
  • Likes: Loves to golf and go boating in his downtime
  • Favorite Restaurant: Blue Tick Tavern in Maryville
  • Passion Project: To provide ongoing training and education to the HVAC industry
Meet the Owners - Fannon & Sons


  • Nickname: Zachy
    Role: Installer
  • Likes: Taking scenic drives in his Mustang
  • Favorite Restaurant: Apple Valley in Townsend
  • Passion Project: Owning and building on 10 acres of land
Alex scaled


  • Nickname: Stretch
  • Role: Lead Installer
  • Likes: Riding his motorcycle and playing with my two dogs
  • Favorite Restaurant: Calhoun’s by The River
  • Passion Project: Riding my motorcycle cross country
Meet the Owners - Fannon & Sons


  • Nickname: Mammy
  • Role: Office Manager
  • Likes: Yardwork and spending time outside
  • Favorite Restaurant: Anaba Sushi off Northshore
  • Passion Project: Return to Ireland and visit Scotland
Meet the Owners - Fannon & Sons


  • Nickname: Friday
  • Role: Public Relations Officer
  • Likes: Travelling, painting, and thrifting
  • Favorite Restaurant: Q Korean Steakhouse
  • Passion Project: Writing a book