Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Services in Knoxville, TN

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Services in Knoxville, TN

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If there’s any component that’s important to the health and safety of your Knoxville area home, it is the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling installs and replaces these systems, committing to your safety and our belief that:

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Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detection not only alert you to danger in your home but helps alert you to indoor air quality needs as well. This is one case where not caring for your IAQ can actually be potentially harmful. But the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family is here to help!

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

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Knoxville area homeowners should not underestimate the potential danger of CO poisoning. This problem leads to hundreds of illnesses and even deaths every year, but can easily be prevented with carbon monoxide detector installation, and carbon monoxide detector replacement as needed. Most CO detectors have a 5-10 year lithium battery in them—be sure to check which yours have!

Smoke Detector Installation

If you want to ensure the safety of your home, then you’ll want to make sure you invest in smoke detector installation and smoke detector replacement when your devices have reached the end of their service life. If you’re unsure when your smoke detectors or CO detectors were last installed, get peace of mind by calling Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling to replace the detectors currently in your Knoxville area home.