Heating Service In Knoxville, TN

Heating Service In Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN and Surrounding Areas

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to ensure your heating system is in top-notch condition. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional heating service in Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling. Our experienced and licensed technicians are here to provide you with quality heating services that ensure your system is functioning efficiently and effectively.

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What Happens During Our Heating Service Appointment?

As the leading heating service provider in Knoxville, TN, we follow a detailed checklist to cover all the vital areas during our heating service appointment. Here’s a general overview of our heating service checklist:

  • Inspection of the Furnace or Heating System: We start by inspecting the heating system to identify any visible signs of wear and tear, corrosion, or cracks in the furnace.
  • Cleaning and Replacing Air Filters: We check the air filters and clean or replace them if necessary. Clean air filters can improve indoor air quality and reduce the stress on the furnace motor.
  • Examination of Thermostat Settings: We check the thermostat settings to ensure that the heating system is operating efficiently and set to the desired temperature.
  • Inspection of Electrical Connections: We inspect the electrical connections and wiring for signs of corrosion or damage, which could lead to electrical malfunctions.
  • Lubrication of Moving Parts: We lubricate the moving parts of the heating system to reduce the wear and tear on the system and to prevent any unwanted noise or vibration.
  • Inspection of the Heat Exchanger: We inspect the heat exchanger for any cracks or damage. If we find any, we recommend repairs or replacements to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Examination of the Gas Pressure and Burner Combustion: We check the gas pressure and burner combustion to ensure that the heating system is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Inspection of the Flue Pipe: We inspect the flue pipe for any blockages or cracks, which could lead to hazardous carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Verification of Carbon Monoxide Levels: We use specialized equipment to measure the carbon monoxide levels and ensure that they are within safe limits.
  • Evaluation of Overall System Performance: Lastly, we evaluate the overall performance of the heating system and provide recommendations for repairs or replacements if necessary.

It is essential to note that all heating systems vary, and the checklist is modified per the customer’s needs and priorities.

Benefits of Routine Heating Services

  • Lower Energy Bills: Regularly servicing your heating system can help ensure that your heating system is running at peak efficiency, reducing energy bills.
  • Improved Comfort: A well-maintained heating system can ensure your home remains comfortable and warm throughout the winter.
  • Fewer Repairs: Servicing can help identify and address minor problems before they become more significant and costly.
  • Increased Lifespan: Properly maintaining your heating system can help extend its lifespan, saving you money on replacement costs.
  • Improved Air Quality: A dirty or poorly maintained heating system can negatively impact indoor air quality, but regular maintenance can drastically help improve it.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular maintenance can provide the peace that comes with knowing your heating system is functioning correctly and won’t break down during a cold winter night.
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Why Choose Us For Heating Service in Knoxville, TN?

At Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling, we are committed to providing our customers in Knoxville, TN, with exceptional heating service. Our licensed and proficient technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your heating system functions at its best. We offer competitive pricing, reliable service, and exceptional customer service. We also offer emergency service, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re always here to help when you need us.

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