Protect Your Home With a Dehumidifier

Protect Your Home With a Dehumidifier

Protect Your Home With a Dehumidifier

We talk a lot about air conditioning on this blog–and for good reason. Temperatures get hot here in Tennessee, especially in the spring and summer, so if you’re looking for help with your cooling system then you can call us today. 

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However, not all of our comfort problems come from heat, they also come from humidity. The more moisture there is in the air, the more likely you are to be uncomfortable and overheated. This is why air conditioners do a nominal amount of dehumidification, even if that’s not the primary objective of the system.

So, today we’re going to talk about dehumidifiers in Knoxville, TN. If your air conditioner is struggling, or you’re looking for some major ways to protect family heirlooms, furniture, and the concrete slab of your basement, then we highly suggest you invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier has the power to remove moisture from your home without a hitch.

How Your Air Conditioner Dehumidifies Your Home

When your air conditioner cools your home, the drop in temperature causes moisture in the atmosphere to condense. This moisture condenses on the coils of your system and drips into a condensate pan, where it is thoroughly drained on some area of your property where it won’t harm your home.

However, too much moisture can be a problem and will clog up your system. It can cause trouble in your condensate drain and it will even allow for mold growth. Here’s where a dehumidifier can help.

Where Things Go Wrong

When your air conditioner goes through tremendous amounts of moisture in the air, it’s going to start struggling–both to cool your home and to remove the moisture. Your AC just can’t do both jobs at once efficiently. You’ll likely notice problems start to arise in your air conditioner and your home might not be cooled properly.

Improve Your Air Conditioning With a Dehumidifier

When you invest in a whole-house dehumidifier, you get to enjoy cool temperatures, dry air, and all at an efficient energy cost. Your air conditioner can focus on cooling your home while the dehumidifier focuses on drawing moisture out of the air. This will allow for much more energy-efficient system operation while also staying cool and comfortable.

Protect Your Home From Humidity

While humidity might impact your comfort, it can also impact the condition of your home, furniture, and family heirlooms.

Wood can soak up moisture out of the air when it reaches a certain level. This will cause the wood to warp and change shape, expanding sometimes and eventually rotting. This is a huge problem for wooden beams and components of your home that keep it structurally sound. Too much humidity can lead to breaking furniture, beams, rotting wood, and mold growth.

Also, an unfinished basement can easily get bombarded with humidity which will erode the foundation of your home as well. Only a dehumidifier can adequately remove the moisture from the air and preserve the dry structure of your home for a long period of time.

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