Fight Mold With an Air Purifier

Fight Mold With an Air Purifier

Fight Mold With an Air Purifier

Mold is an insidious problem. It can grow throughout your home right under your nose, until it starts giving you health problems and deteriorating your furniture. From family heirlooms to the walls and floors, we’ve probably all lost something valuable to a mold infestation. This is why it’s so important that we fight against mold with one of the best tools at our disposal: the air purifier.

Fight Mold With an Air Purifier

UV air purifiers can systematically eliminate mold spores from the air as they are cycled through a home. Today, we’d like to talk about how this process works, why UV light is so powerful against mold spores, and how you can invest in an air purifier.

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How a UV Air Purifier Works

UV air purifiers work by running all of the air that goes through your HVAC system through ultraviolet light. This light, similar to the light that’s emitted from the sun during the day, can irradiate single-celled organisms. This is a process that’s harmless to human beings and other multicellular organisms, but is deadly to single-celled organisms.

The UV rays can travel through the membrane of the cell and disrupt the DNA, causing it to be unable to reproduce. For bacteria and mold spores, this essentially destroys the cell, since these organisms rely on mass reproduction through infection in order to survive and spread. When any microscopic organisms travel through your HVAC system, whether they’re viruses, bacteria, or mold spores, they’ll be systematically eliminated and leave your home fresh and clean.

Fighting Mold at Its Source

Mold is a problem not just because of the spores that can infect you and give you health problems, but also because of its incredible ability to spread. Over just a few months and with a bit of excess moisture, mold can grow throughout your home.

UV air purifiers seek to fight the spread of mold. A mold infestation will have trouble growing in new locations because the spores (which are in charge of spreading the infestation) are being eliminated every time they’re cycled through your home. Then, as long as you clean up mold infestations as you see them, your home will be a lot safer and cleaner!

Work With Us to Get Your Home Air Cleaned

While a UV air purifier can take care of viruses, bacteria, and mold, it’s also going to struggle against inorganic contaminants that don’t get eliminated through biological means. Things like dust and dirt can scamper through your UV air purifier without a hitch.

This is why we provide air filtration systems in addition to UV air purifiers, so homeowners can have a full set of protection against any and all contaminants that might seek to make things uncomfortable. Work with us to find the perfect set of solutions for your house, and we’ll even provide you with the installation and some tips on how to run them!

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