Why Does Your Heat Pump Smell Like This?

Why Does Your Heat Pump Smell Like This?

Why Does Your Heat Pump Smell Like This?

Your heat pump has performed an extremely valuable service over the course of the winter, and we want to start off by saying that you likely don’t need to replace it. As long as it’s still working effectively and efficiently, then you’re all set to keep the system for the next season. 

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Just make sure you invest in maintenance to get your system tuned up and kept in good shape.

However, if your heat pump is giving off a strange odor, we’d like to help you alleviate this problem. Yes, you’re going to need to call a professional for heating repair in Maryville, TN. But for confused homeowners that might not understand how a heat pump can exhibit a foul odor like this, that’s what this blog post is for!

Let’s talk about the foul odor coming from your heat pump and examine why this might happen.

A Clogged Condensate Drain

The source of this scent is usually the condensate drain. Before we get into why this occurs and what you can do about it, we have to explain what this component is first!

The condensate drain is a component that’s responsible for–you guessed it– draining the condensate from your heat pump. When water vapor condenses near the condenser coil, the moisture turns from a gas to a liquid and forms droplets. These droplets need to be deposited away from the heat pump, so they are sent through a drainage system and deposited outdoors.

What Does the Condensate Drain Do?

The condensate drain is responsible for depositing the condensate product of the cooling or heat process, and keeping it away from your home’s furniture or electronics. Without this drain, your heat pump would constantly be leaking and there would be an unavoidable amount of moisture forming near the system itself. Moisture grows mold and warps wood, so this would be a huge problem for your home.

The “Dirty Sock” Smell

So, how the heck does a condensate drain then cause this foul smell to come from your heat pump? Well, it’s simple when you really think about it.

The condensate drain can clog, which means the condensed water doesn’t have a chance to drain away from the system. This leads to stagnant water sitting in the drain for days, weeks, or even months at a time. As you’re probably aware, stagnant water in a dark environment can lead to an abundance of mold or mildew growth, which is exactly what starts to happen.

If you’re detecting this odor from your heat pump, then you might be picking up on the fact that your system is starting to grow mold in the clogged condensate drain.

We Can Help!

HVAC technicians specialize in all sorts of interesting jobs when it comes to fixing a heat pump. Clearing out and repairing a condensate drain is one of those nifty things that we can do for you! If you start to detect a strange or foul odor coming from your heat pump, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll deal with this issue so that it keeps your home comfortable and your budget intact!

Contact Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling if your heat pump requires professional support. Welcome to the Family!