Why Do I Still Have Cold Spots?

Why Do I Still Have Cold Spots?

Why Do I Still Have Cold Spots?

It’s springtime so the temperatures are finally starting to warm up. Things are getting more comfortable outdoors, and life is good–except for those pesky cold spots throughout your home. Things are warming up and the sun is shining more throughout the day, so why are those cold spots still such a bother?

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Well, it’s no mystery, as we’ll explain down below. Cold spots can be the result of a variety of different things that occur within your heating system. For one, your heater could be poorly equipped to handle all of the air in your home. You might require a new heating installation in Powell, TN in order to achieve maximum comfort.

Your ducts could be leaking, your HVAC system could have a major repair need, and the problems can go on. Today, we seek to cover this topic with the idea that we’re ready and willing to help homeowners in need when they’ve got cold spots that need to be addressed.

What Is a Cold Spot?

Cold spots are obvious to explain to homeowners who have them, but trickier for newcomers. If you’ve ever gotten sudden chills walking through your home because there’s one specific area that’s always cold, no matter what temperature your thermostat is set to–that’s a cold spot.

Cold spots can be insidious, and get worse over time. That’s why we want homeowners to approach them with the mentality that they can be fixed. Nobody should be forced to endure a cold spot in their home!

Here are a few reasons why your cold spot might exist.

  • Leaky Ducts: If the heat is leaking through your ducts before it gets to the cold room, then your HVAC system just won’t have the power to heat your space. Make sure your ducts are in good shape before you start blaming other aspects of your HVAC system for the cold spots in your home!
  • Insulation Problems: Do you notice that the cold spots you’re feeling are near windows and doors? That could be less of a heating problem and more of a draft problem. Try upgrading your windows and doors to be more insulated. This will still allow sunlight in but keep drafty and cold breezes out.
  • Ill-fitted HVAC System: Did you just add it to your home recently? This might be the cause of your cold spots. A heater needs to be sized specifically to your house, and if you’ve got more air volume to be heated, the heating system might not be able to meet your requirements.
  • The Natural Layout of your Home: Sometimes there are just high ceilings and funky corners that cause heat to flow unevenly. We’d advise investing in a ceiling fan, or some kind of way to improve the circulation of your house so heat doesn’t pool up in the ceilings.
  • A Thermostat Issue: Your thermostat might be to blame for your cold spots. If it’s not signaling the correct information to your heating system, then you’re not going to get the comfort you want. Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart model, or moving it to an area that’s better for reading the correct temperatures in your home.

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