The Perks of a Refrigerant-Based System

The Perks of a Refrigerant-Based System

The Perks of a Refrigerant-Based System

We often associate refrigerant with air conditioners or chillers. This isn’t our fault, since the term “refrigerant” can be closely associated with the word “refrigerator” which is an appliance that keeps our food cold. 


That’s why it can be a bit hard to wrap your head around the fact that refrigerant is just a method for transferring heat, and it’s not really specific to cooling in general. Heat pumps are a good example of using this material to heat a home rather than just provide cooling.

This blog post will be a bit of a write-up on heat pumps. We want to cover how they work, some of the best reasons to invest in one, and to shape the conversation around heating and cooling in Knoxville, TN. The two don’t have to be separate, and treated with two separate systems. Heat pumps save money on energy and are a smart choice for the future.

How Heat Pumps Work

Let’s start with the basics. How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps use refrigerant that cycles from an indoor unit to an outdoor unit, The compressor component of a heat pump pressurizes the refrigerant. With more pressure, it actually changes form and evaporates into a gas. The process of evaporation draws in heat from the surrounding area, which is what cools a space down. This is what happens when your system is set to cooling mode.

Then, when that gaseous refrigerant reaches the other coil, it condenses and turns back into a liquid, releasing the heat that it absorbed into the space around it. This is what can heat a space during the winter.

A heat pump can do either of these jobs at the flip of a switch, which means it will draw heat from either outside or inside, and deposit it in the opposite, providing you with comfort no matter the season.

How Ductless Heat Pumps Work

Ductless systems do the same thing except with one little improvement. They don’t require air ducts!

Ductless heat pumps transfer the refrigerant to between 1 and 4 air handlers located in strategic areas of your home. These air handlers will deposit the cooled or heated air on their own, essentially providing comfort to specific regions of your house based on their own individual temperature settings. Neat, right?

The Benefits of Choosing Electricity

One of the first and most important perks of choosing a heat pump is electrical efficiency. Electrical systems are almost always more energy efficient than furnaces that run on gas, or other types of fossil fuel-powered systems. The main reason for this is that our power grid is constantly being upgraded with renewable energy sources, and more robust power lines.

Also, gas or oil-powered systems can be in danger of leaking, which is both expensive and bad for the environment. With electricity, there’s just no chance of any leaks. If anything, your system will accidentally be shut down and the line will need to be repaired.

It’s a Year-Round Solution

Heat pumps are a solution for the entire year, especially in our area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one system to help in the spring, summer, fall, and winter? The best part is that you might not even notice the difference, except on your utility bills where it counts!

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