Now Is the Perfect Time for Heater Maintenance!

Now Is the Perfect Time for Heater Maintenance!

Now Is the Perfect Time for Heater Maintenance!

You might be a little taken aback by that statement. You got maintenance last year around spring, why is now the perfect time for it? Can’t you get maintenance in the spring or wintertime?

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Yes, you can get maintenance at any point during the year. If you happen to be moving or out of the country for a few months, then that might make the most sense. But if you’re spending time at home and you’ve got some free days on your schedule, then we heavily advise you to call us for a heating tune-up in Maryville, TN. Heating maintenance is better in the fall because of a few reasons that we’ll get into down below.

If you walk away from this blog with one thing, let it be that maintenance is absolutely required. Whether you get it now or in the springtime, your heater will come out in great shape when you invest in a maintenance appointment with professionals.

Why Get Maintenance During the Fall?

There are many reasons to get maintenance in the fall, but they all center around convenience and time. When you try to get your heater tuned up in the wintertime, every HVAC team in the area is going to be swamped with what we call “no heat” calls, which are emergencies that we need to address. When customers are freezing in their homes, those calls will often take priority over a regular tune-up call, unless you’re part of our maintenance club.

However, even when we still fit you into our busy schedule, you might need to plan a repair down the line that you’re not ready for. If we give you the information that your furnace needs an expensive repair in a few months, otherwise it could be a safety hazard, you’d probably wish you’d heard it months ago. Early maintenance allows us to address these problems head-on. Here are some other benefits of early fall maintenance:

  • We Can take our Time: When the temperature is still mild outside, it gets easy for an HVAC technician to take their time and work with less pressure.
  • We Can Work Together on a Solution: If your heater needs repairs or is in bad shape, we can work towards a solution early, buying you some time to save up much-needed funds.
  • You Can Assess the Need for A Replacement Early: If your heater is in need of replacement, it’s much better to learn about this early on than in the middle of the winter.

What’s the Point of a Tune-Up?

Tune-ups are powerful. During a tune-up appointment, a technician inspects your heating system to ensure it’s working properly.

  • We check efficiency levels to ensure it’s working without using too much energy or fuel.
  • We check the comfort levels to see that it’s providing your home with an adequate amount of heat.
  • We check the condition of the system, making minor repairs and adjustments, to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Our Team Is Available

Do you need a tune-up? While it’s fresh on your mind, call our team and schedule an appointment today!

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