High Heating Bills: What They Mean

High Heating Bills: What They Mean

High Heating Bills: What They Mean

Every home is going to have a different heating bill. Unless your next-door neighbor is an exact copy of you, has the exact same house as you, and uses the exact same furnace that you do, then you’re going to have a different monthly utility bill. This is just the nature of life and it’s something we need to get used to.

However, different utility bills will mean different things. For instance, if you recently swapped out your old refrigerator for a new, high-efficiency model, you might see your monthly energy bills dramatically decrease.

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The same principle can work in reverse! If you notice a trend of increasing utility bills in the winter but you’re not living your life any differently, then you might have a need for furnace repair in Maryville, TN.

Let’s examine your heating bills and see if there is something we can learn from the experience.

High Bills Signal Inefficiency

One thing’s for certain: high utility bills can signal inefficiency. If your heating system is still warming your home properly but it’s getting more expensive to do so, then there might be problem budding right under your nose!

For instance, a heat pump can still heat a house when it has lower than optimal levels of refrigerant. However, it’s going to use more electricity to do so. The same thing goes for a furnace, if it’s got a misaligned blower motor or an ignition system that’s covered in grime, it will still light and provide your home with heating. But in the process, it will wear down certain components, take longer to run properly, and it will ultimately drive up your utility bills.

The two ways to deal with this budding problem is through yearly maintenance, and targeted repairs performed by a professional you can trust.

Is It a Spike Or a Trend?

Here’s a good question: is your furnace suffering from a spike or a trend when it comes to rising heating bills?

A spike generally refers to a large increase in your utility bills that’s seemingly out of nowhere. This can be a signal that your heater requires professional repairs because something recently has gone wrong.

A trend can be seen when you compare your recent high heating bill to the previous years. If you’re noticing that bills have just gotten higher and higher each year, then your system might be on its way out or suffering from long-term wear and tear. This can be fixed by either repairs or a full system replacement performed by our team!

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