Get Your Furnace Repaired Before Summer

Get Your Furnace Repaired Before Summer

Get Your Furnace Repaired Before Summer

We know that you might be looking more towards your air conditioner than your furnace system at this point in the spring, but we feel that it’s important to get our last furnace announcement made before the temperatures get too hot.

Your furnace might require some serious attention, and this actually might be the perfect time to get furnace service in Powell, TN. 


Think about it, most homeowners have already decommissioned their furnace systems while they schedule air conditioning maintenance, which means that our schedules are wide open for furnace work. Plus, your furnace might then be ready to go come next fall!

It’s important to weigh your dependency on your furnace as a factor for services. Since we depend on these systems when temperatures drop at the end of the year, we need to make sure they’re in good shape before that point.

Common Issues to Get Repaired Now

We know that your furnace might be about to take a vacation for the summer, but we want you to tune into the system one last time to figure out what kind of service might be necessary. How does it operate? How does it sound? How much does it cost? Have your heating bills handy because we’re going to go into the details below.

Strange Noises

When your heating system runs, what does it sound like? This is a trick question because you should barely be able to hear your furnace at all! Aside from the clicking sound it makes when it turns on, it should just blow air softly into your home and that’s that.

If you hear noises like grinding, shrieking, squealing, humming, buzzing, or booming, then there’s something clearly wrong that requires professional attention. Sure, you could leave your furnace to be repaired next fall, but you’re going to regret that decision down the line.

Foul Odors

A gas furnace burns flammable gas when it heats your home, but that doesn’t mean you should smell the gas that’s being burned. In other words, if your home has a foul odor wafting through it and you’re pretty sure it’s coming from your heater, then you need to shut the unit off and call our team for help. This could be a gas leak or something just as serious.

High Heating Bills

Springtime is the perfect time to evaluate your heating bills from the heating season. Take all of the paper bills you’ve received, or if you’ve gone paperless, try pulling up the information on your utility provider’s website. There should be some way you can see the energy or fuel consumption of your home and the details of how efficient your heating system was.

Do you notice a trend or pattern? If you’re seeing a dedicated increase in heating costs that’s aside from just gas or electric prices, then you might be dealing with a problem. Our team will be able to pinpoint the exact issue and get it fixed if we detect something wrong.

It’s time to get your furnace repaired with the pros from Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling! Welcome to the Family!