The Life of an AC: From Beginning to End

The Life of an AC: From Beginning to End

The Life of an AC: From Beginning to End

We try to talk about air conditioning replacement in a way that’s informative to our audience. Customers deserve an honest opinion from a team of professionals, and with the amount of misinformation circulating about AC replacements and repairs, we want to revisit this topic. 

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Air conditioners have lifespans, and from the installation of the unit to the eventual replacement, you should be able to make the best financial decision for you and your family.

AC repair in Alcoa, TN should always be an option for your air conditioner. If you suspect a problem, you can call our hotline and we’ll be there. However, if your system requires constant, yearly repairs, then repairing the system might not be the best option. Let’s describe your system’s lifespan and determine the best way to approach replacement. From beginning to end, your air conditioner should always be working for you!

The Beginning: AC Installation

When you’re first investigating which air conditioner to install, this can be an exciting period. From central air conditioners to heat pumps and ductless mini splits, you’ve got boundless options for your home comfort. The important part is that you stay informed about the systems that are being manufactured and figure out which one is right for your home.

It’s important that you get this service done by a professional so you can avoid a botched installation. Unfortunately, most botched installations can only be fixed with a brand-new system, so choose a team you trust to do this important work.

The Middle: AC Repairs

When you’re in the middle of owning an air conditioner, a variety of things can go wrong. The refrigerant can start to leak, the system can make a grinding noise, it can have electrical problems—you name it! The important thing to remember about this part of the system’s lifespan is that it’s going to need professional repairs.

How often your system needs repairs can clue you in on the relative lifespan of the unit. If it works great for a few years in a row but then needs a repair, this means you’re in good shape and just need a quick fix. However, if your system is requiring frequent repairs, then you might need to start investigating a new replacement.

The End: AC Replacement

Here we are, the end of your AC’s lifespan. But it’s not really the end, because this is a cycle that repeats at the very beginning!

Once your air conditioner reaches this point, it’s going to need to be replaced. Here are some signs that point towards replacement:

  • The system is 10-15 years old
  • It’s running up your energy bill
  • It requires yearly or frequent repairs
  • The compressor has broken down
  • It can’t keep your home cool anymore

All of these points signal that your system might need to be replaced. This means you should contact one of our professionals so we can start your AC journey all over again. We’ll discuss your options, where a new system can improve your home comfort and budget, and we’ll always be honest with you.

From beginning to end, you should always call Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling! Welcome to the Family!