It’ll Be a HOT Summer: 5 Tips to Stay Cool

It’ll Be a HOT Summer: 5 Tips to Stay Cool

It’ll Be a HOT Summer: 5 Tips to Stay Cool

Have you seen the reports? The National Weather Service has predicted some pretty serious temperatures this summer, which means our air conditioners are going to be on full blast. Take a look for yourself, it looks like we’ll have our own set of heatwaves in Knoxville.



Thankfully, due to recent technological advancements and your access to local HVAC professionals that are trustworthy and reliable, this shouldn’t really be a problem. Our homes can stay safe and secure, as long as you’re being at least a bit proactive when it comes to the safety and condition of your air conditioner.

Here are five great tips to remember as a homeowner now that summer temperatures are starting to arrive. Included in this list is AC maintenance in Knoxville, TN, which is more of an obligatory need than a “tip.” Don’t worry, if you’ve got questions then we’ve got answers. Just call our team!

Follow Along and Stay Cool!

The most important aspect of air conditioning is that you feel good at the end of the day. These are comfort systems after all, and if you’re not feeling comfortable, then something is clearly wrong with your system that should be fixed! So, let’s keep that in mind as we discuss some helpful tips to keep you cool this summer.

1. Change the Air Filter Regularly

The prevailing advice in the HVAC industry is that you should replace your air filter every 1-3 months. While this is an easy recommendation to make for homeowners, it’s not entirely accurate. This 1-3 month estimate depends on how heavily you use your air conditioner.

If temperatures are setting record highs this summer and your air conditioner is in full blast almost twice the time it would be during any other summer, then you’re going to want to change that air filter every month.

2. Unblock Your Vents

Your vents are strategically placed around your home to push cool air to where you can feel it. You might think its smart to start blocking off certain vents and allowing the cool air to be siphoned off to more important areas, but that’s not really what ends up happening. If you block off certain vents, you’re just going to make it hard for your air conditioner to cool your home properly and the thermostat will never register the correct temperature.

3. Use Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan is a great, energy-efficient way of keeping your home cool. It’s perfect for lowering the temperature a couple of degrees and making you feel more comfortable, especially with your air conditioner running at the same time.

4. Draw Your Curtains

If you’ve got south-facing windows, then it might be a good idea to draw the curtains on them, as well as the curtains on east-facing windows in the morning, and west-facing windows in the afternoon.

Think about it, we live in the northern hemisphere and the sun shines from the south. That sunlight is going to add a lot of heat to your home if you let it get inside.

5. Invest in AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance in Knoxville can be one of the best services to set you up for success. Let our professionals take a close-up look at your air conditioner and determine how ready it is to proceed into a record-breaking summer with temperatures that are sure to leave you needing reliable AC.

Call Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling for proper air conditioning maintenance today! Welcome to the Family!