AC Maintenance Tips And Ideas To Stay Cool All This Summer

AC Maintenance Tips And Ideas To Stay Cool All This Summer

Summer is here, and ensuring your AC system is running is crucial to keep you cool and comfortable. Regular AC maintenance plays a vital role in maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your unit, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing indoor environment throughout the season. At Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling, we understand the importance of a well-maintained AC system, and we are here to provide you with expert AC maintenance in Knoxville, TN. Don’t let the heat bother you – let Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling be your go-to HVAC partner for all your AC maintenance needs.

Your Guide To A Cool And Comfortable Summer

  • Clean and Replace Air Filters Regularly

    One of the simplest yet most effective AC maintenance tasks is to clean the filters regularly. Blocked filters restrict airflow, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. We recommend checking your filters monthly and cleaning or replacing them as needed. This helps improve indoor air quality and allows your AC unit to operate optimally, providing consistent cooling and energy savings.

  • Check and Clean the Condenser Coils

    Over time, the condenser coils of your air conditioning system can accumulate dirt and debris, hindering the heat transfer process. Regularly checking and cleaning the condenser coils is essential to maintain optimal cooling performance. If the buildup is substantial, consider scheduling professional AC maintenance to ensure thorough cleaning and proper maintenance of the coils.

  • Inspect and Clean the Evaporator Coil

    The evaporator coil inside the air handler is responsible for absorbing heat from the air. Over time, the coil can become dirty, hindering its ability to absorb heat effectively. Regularly inspecting and cleaning the evaporator coil is essential for efficient cooling. If you notice any visible dirt or debris on the coil, it’s advisable to contact our professional HVAC service for a thorough cleaning and maintenance.

  • Check and Adjust Thermostat Settings

    An improperly calibrated or malfunctioning thermostat can lead to uneven cooling and increased energy consumption. Regularly check and calibrate your thermostat settings as part of your AC maintenance routine. Ensure it accurately reflects your desired temperature and correctly cycles the AC unit on and off. If you see any discrepancies or issues with your thermostat, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced technicians for professional assistance.

  • Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

    While homeowners can perform some AC maintenance tasks, it’s crucial to schedule AC maintenance at least once every year. A professional HVAC service, like the one provided by Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling in Knoxville, TN, ensures that your air conditioning system receives comprehensive maintenance and inspection. Our professionals will thoroughly examine your system, identify potential issues, and perform necessary repairs or adjustments to keep your AC unit running smoothly. 

  • Enhance Efficiency with Regular Air Conditioning Service

    In addition to routine AC maintenance, regular air conditioning service is essential for optimizing the efficiency and performance of your system. Our professional air conditioning service includes a detailed inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of various components of your AC unit. We check refrigerant levels, inspect electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, and ensure all components work correctly. With our air conditioning service, you can rest assured that your system is running at its best, providing reliable cooling and energy savings.

With the scorching summer heat upon us, ensuring your air conditioning system’s proper maintenance and care is paramount. Following these AC maintenance tips and ideas can optimize your AC unit’s performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. Remember, for professional air conditioning service in Knoxville, TN, you can rely on the expertise of Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling. Our professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional HVAC service, ensuring your AC system operates flawlessly when needed. Contact us to schedule your AC maintenance and experience the difference between our reliable and efficient HVAC service.

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