5 AC Noises That Signal Problems

5 AC Noises That Signal Problems

5 AC Noises That Signal Problems

Air conditioners can’t talk to us. But we like to imagine what they would sound like if they could. They probably make some combination of clicking sounds with the metallic hum of a compressor system at work. However, that’s what a healthy air conditioner would sound like, and that’s not really the focus of our blog today.

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If you’ve got a healthy AC system then congratulations! Nice job being proactive and learning about your air conditioner’s potential for problems so you can get them fixed in the future. But we’re guessing most people reading this blog are actively encountering problems with their systems.

So, let’s talk about 5 unique sounds that an air conditioner makes, which can signal the need for AC repair in Knoxville, TN. We’ll go into detail about each one and talk about the reasons why your system might start making that noise. And don’t forget, you can always count on us for quick and easy repairs!

Don’t Ignore These Noises!

We know that not everything can be remembered from a blog post. That’s why we want to make the following point very clear: if you hear a loud or uncomfortable-sounding noise coming from your system, call for professional help. If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be that!

For everyone else, let’s start talking about these noises and what they mean.

  • Buzzing: Buzzing is the sound of an electrical component malfunctioning. If you’ve ever heard a frayed wire or a piece of audio equipment start running amok, then a buzzing might be a little familiar. Air conditioners have electrical components that can be worn down after a few years of constant use, so this isn’t the most uncommon problem out there. We urge you to get in touch with a professional for it to be fixed.
  • Bubbling or Hissing: This might be more of a peculiar sound, but it’s still pretty common. Bubbling and hissing can signify leaking refrigerant escaping from your system into the atmosphere. The bubbling is the sound of air bubbles forming in the refrigerant line, whereas the hissing is the sound of gaseous refrigerant escaping out of the line.
  • Grinding: Ah, the good ol’ “metal on metal” sound. Nothing wakes someone up in the middle of the night like that sound, right? Well, this sound is just as bad if it comes from your air conditioner as if it comes from pretty much anything else. This could mean that your AC is rubbing two components together that otherwise require lubrication. A quick repair call can have this fixed.
  • Squeaking or Squealing: Your air conditioner has a blower fan that’s responsible for pushing the conditioned air through your air ducts. That fan has a motor, and the belt in that motor can fray over time. A frayed motor belt will give off a squealing or squeaking sound, which can be a problem down the line.
  • No Sound At All: Don’t forget that your air conditioner is supposed to make some sounds when it works. The slight hum of the compressor, the sound of air whooshing through your ducts, and a gentle “click” as the system turns on or off. If you’re not hearing these, then the system might be broken down.

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