3 AC Trends to Pay Attention To

3 AC Trends to Pay Attention To

3 AC Trends to Pay Attention To

The HVAC world is always changing. New technology is being developed, higher-efficiency HVAC systems are being manufactured, and government legislation is always changing the playing field. It can be hard to keep up as a homeowner!

That’s why we want to be open and honest about some AC trends that seem to be prevalent in this day and age. When it comes to AC Repair in Louisville, TN the biggest concerns for you should be comfort and cost

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Anything else, like efficiency, environmental impact, and longevity, can also be great motivators for calling our team. Regardless of what got you here, we’re going to fill you in on some breaking news in the HVAC industry.

If any of the information we’re about to provide sounds confusing or if you’d like some clarification, you can always ask our team. When you call us, we promise we’ll show you our experience and dedication to customers by being honest with you.

Trend #1: AC Maintenance Is Increasing in Value

It’s probably no mystery to you that HVAC components and replacements are rising in cost. With many other building materials, the demand for these kinds of products has skyrocketed which has left some homeowners upset and frustrated. While prices will soon drop back again, air conditioners and heaters will only get more expensive the more complex they become. As manufacturers build more high-tech systems that last longer, they’ll be worth more money.

This is where maintenance really shines! In a world of rising prices and systems that are becoming more efficient and high-tech, having your system maintained is more valuable than it used to be. When air conditioners were cheaper and less efficient, it was an easier idea to replace yours after a little while. However, AC systems have only gotten more efficient and expensive, which means services like maintenance are going to be your best chance for savings in the future.

Trend #2: Efficiency Is the Most Important Concern

While AC longevity, comfort, and peace of mind are incredibly important aspects of cooling, efficiency is quickly becoming the biggest concern for homeowners.

The IPCC just released its new climate change report which has had a pretty big impact on the world. Energy prices are rising, climate legislation is being passed, and anyone who is willing to run inefficient systems will soon be paying a lot more.

It’s becoming clear that efficiency (i.e. the ability to use less energy when keeping you comfortable) is going to be the most valuable aspect of air conditioning going forward. If your air conditioner struggles to cool your home at an affordable price, then it might be time to call for professional support.

Trend #3: Refrigerant Materials Will Change in the Future

Since January 2020, R-22 refrigerant has been phased out by R-410A which is a more environmentally-friendly substance. This was coming for a while and we’ve been urging homeowners to replace their old systems with new ones that run on the better, more affordable refrigerant. However, the trend is looking likely that this won’t be the only refrigerant phase-out going forward.

Be conscious of the type of refrigerant your system uses, and stay in touch with us to know about the newest legislation on refrigerant phase-outs. We’ll be sure to tell you if your system should be upgraded to one with a refrigerant material that’s better for the environment, or cheaper to work with.

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