Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostats Services In Knoxville, TN

Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostat Services in Knoxville, TN

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Wi-Fi and smart thermostats aren’t just some futuristic luxury device that’s nice to have. Having one of these devices installed by the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family can bring you the best in comfort. Contact Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling for:

  • Family-Oriented Service
  • $79 Trip Fee- Waived if Work is Done
  • Free Estimates and Second Opinions

With our professional Wi-Fi/Smart thermostat services, you can count on a reliable smart home system that will ensure your HVAC systems keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the summer and winter seasons. Thermostats might be small, but as the brain of your climate control systems, getting the right one is important!

Contact us today for your Wi-Fi/Smart thermostat services in Knoxville, TN, and beyond. Welcome to the family!

Smart/Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

The Fannon Family is committed to keeping you comfortable with our top-of-the-line products and customer-centric service. When you partner with us, you become part of the family, and you’ll be treated as such.

We work on all makes and models

Each type has its own set of benefits, but installation is easy for The Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family, and once installed you’ll have precision control over your comfort. These devices can learn from your heating and cooling preferences to make adjustments themselves for the most efficient comfort, plus they are easily integrated into any already existing smart home systems you may have in your home, such as an Alexa voice device.

Smart/Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Are you considering a thermostat upgrade? Even if you already have a programmable or digital thermostat in your home, you can do better when it comes to efficient comfort. A Wi-Fi/Smart thermostat replacement will help you lower energy costs from your heating and air conditioning systems while optimizing comfort for you and your family.

Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the ability to set and change programs, from anywhere you have a mobile device hooked up to the internet, for the ideal home comfort. If you already have a Wi-Fi thermostat in place but it’s been a few years, contact us to learn about the more updated and efficient Wi-Fi and smart thermostat options for a replacement!

Smart/Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

While smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are very advanced, they’re just like any other important home comfort system in that they may eventually need repair. When they do, you’ll want a trusted professional for your Smart/Wi-Fi thermostat repair. That’s where the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family comes in! Call us if you notice issues with your comfort such as:

  • Inadequate Cooling and Heating
  • Failure of your HVAC System to Cycle On or Off
  • Short-Cycling

Homeowners throughout Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee often assume that if there’s a problem with their comfort, it’s their HVAC system to blame. But it could very well be a malfunctioning or miscalibrated thermostat.

This doesn’t allow the right signals to get sent to your HVAC systems, and as a result, you may not feel as cool or warm as you should, despite how you set your Wi-Fi or smart thermostat. The best way to find out what’s ailing your thermostat is to call us!

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