Ductless Services in Knoxville, TN

Ductless System Services in Knoxville, TN

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Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling is proud to install and service quality ductless heating and ductless AC systems from leading brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Samsung, and LG. When you contact The Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family for your ductless services, you’ll get:

  • Exceptional Service from our Family-Owned and Operated Business
  • Free Estimates and Free Second Opinions
  • Improved Comfort

We believe our customers are like family, and you’ll get treated as such when you contact us for your ductless system services in Knoxville and the surrounding communities. We focus not on what this system does, but on what it does for you.

Contact us today for quality ductless system services. Welcome to the Family!

Ductless HVAC Installation

Ductless HVAC systems are a bit different from the traditional split air conditioner you’re probably used to seeing in many Knoxville area homes. Also called ductless mini-splits or the mini-split AC, this system is divided up between one outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor air handlers, which can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted.

Ductless mini-splits operate on heat pump technology, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its dual-purpose operation is just one of the many benefits of ductless HVAC installation, like:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Energy Bills
  • Space Saving
  • Increased Home Value
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Personalized Cooling and Heating
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Ductless HVAC installation is the right choice for many Knoxville homes and households throughout the Great Smoky Mountains! They’re particularly advantageous for homes with multiple floors or multiple rooms that could benefit from individualized cooling and heating.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

Knoxville homeowners are more and more often choosing a ductless HVAC replacement over the traditional central air conditioner or furnace. Ductless air conditioning provides you with effective cooling for our stifling hot summer days and ductless heating is an extremely efficient heating method for climates like ours, too.

Due to the lack of air ducts, you can count on improved indoor air quality and improved efficiency with a ductless HVAC replacement. Your new ductless system won’t have to contend with dirty or leaky ductwork, and today’s models are even more efficient than those of even just a decade ago. We sell and install top-of-the-line, energy-efficient products that we believe in—you can count on us for the best in ductless HVAC replacement.

Ductless HVAC Repair

The best way to prevent ductless HVAC repair is by scheduling professional ductless HVAC maintenance twice a year. While a traditional central HVAC system needs this service annually, your ductless system works year-round and therefore needs a little more care and attention. Give it that, and it will give you years of powerful and efficient service.

Of course, small ductless HVAC repair needs are inevitable over the years. You may have a problem with an air handler or worn-down motor bearings. You could even have a stuck reversing valve, disallowing the system to switch from cooling to the heating mode or vice-versa. Whatever your ductless repair needs are, the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family is here for you. Give our office a call and get connected with a family member today!