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Knoxville, TN Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services

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You can stop searching online for “AC installation near me” and go ahead and give Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling a call for all the AC installation and replacement needs you’ll ever have. The Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family prides itself on being:

  • Family Oriented: We Support Local Businesses!
  • Personable: When You Call Us, You’ll Talk to a Member of Our Family
  • Honest and Fair: No Service Fee Just to Come Out

There’s no need to search through Eastern Tennessee to find the perfect air conditioning installers and services when you can simply give our number a call. We work with energy-efficient products that we believe in. The Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling is NATE and EPA-certified, bringing you the finest in air conditioning services throughout Knoxville and beyond.

Contact us today for your air conditioning installation and replacement services. Welcome to the Family!

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Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

We work with the best energy-efficient equipment out there. We install all types of systems, with high-efficiency options to save you money over the course of your system’s lifespan. We work with:

Ask us too about inverter drive air conditioning installation. These systems are variable speed, meaning instead of just being “on” or “off” they can be adjusted to meet your cooling needs in the most efficient way possible. This technology, especially when combined with a zone control system, brings you the latest in HVAC technology.

Air Conditioning Installation

You can count on the expertise of the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family when it comes to your air conditioning installation. An AC installation done right involves some important and precise steps, including taking the old system out—this can be the most laborious part of the process—making electrical and ventilation connections, and testing the system for optimal operation before leaving your home.

We believe in treating our customers like family, and you’ll feel that way once we’re done with your AC installation. We’ll never leave you with an undersized or oversized system, both of which can be very inefficient and costly. Plus, the Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling Family will always help you make an educated decision on which system is best for your specific needs and household.

AC System Replacement

Do you know how to determine when your Knoxville AC system requires replacement? We offer central AC replacement, ductless AC replacement, and heat pump replacement but if you don’t know the signs that your system is on its last leg, you won’t know to give us a call! It’s time if:

  • Your air conditioner is 10-15 years old.
  • You are calling for repairs 2-3 times a year.
  • Your air conditioner makes odd noises that repairs don’t fix.
  • Your energy bills have increased exponentially throughout the years.
  • Your next repair will cost half of what your system is worth.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you need a new system, the best thing you can do is give our family a call. We’re here to help and we will never charge you just to come out and take a look. We’ll give you our qualified and educated opinion about whether an AC repair or replacement is the best option, and then help you with the next steps. Call us today!