AC Repair In Knoxville, TN

AC Repair In Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN, And The Surrounding Areas

As the temperature rises during the hot summer months, your air conditioning unit becomes an essential part of your home. The last thing you want is for your AC to break down in the middle of a heatwave, leaving you and your family sweltering in the heat. If you live in and around Knoxville, TN, you need a reliable AC repair and maintenance service to get your unit back up and running as soon as possible. That’s where Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling comes in.

At Fannon & Sons, we understand the importance of having a functioning air conditioning unit in your home. That’s why we offer prompt and efficient AC repair services in Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN, and the surrounding areas. Our team of expert technicians has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix any AC issues you may be experiencing. Whether it’s a minor issue or a major repair, we can handle it all. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule your appointment today.

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Our Most Common AC Repairs

At Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling, we have encountered all kinds of air conditioning problems and have the expertise to address them all. Here is a list of some of the most common AC repairs that we get called for in Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN:

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air in your AC. If there is a leak, it can cause your unit to blow warm air or stop working altogether.
  • Dirty Filters: Dirty filters can cause your AC to work harder than it should, leading to higher energy bills and decreased efficiency.
  • Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring or a malfunctioning capacitor can cause your AC to stop working.
  • Frozen Coils: If the coils in your AC unit freeze over, it can cause inefficiency and even cause your unit to stop working altogether.
  • Thermostat Problems: If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, it can cause your AC unit to stop working or blow warm air. Common thermostat issues include faulty wiring, dead batteries, or a malfunctioning temperature sensor.

Our technicians can diagnose and fix any issues with your AC to ensure efficient and effective performance.

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Benefits of Timely AC Repairs

Timely AC repairs offer several benefits, including:

  • Lower Energy Bills: A well-maintained AC unit is more efficient and uses less energy, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: A properly functioning AC unit can remove allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants from your indoor air, improving your overall health and well-being.
  • Increased Lifespan of your AC Unit: Regular maintenance and repairs can prolong the life of your AC unit, saving you money in the long run by delaying the need for a replacement.
  • Improved Comfort: A promptly repaired and timely maintained AC unit will help maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home.
  • Prevention of Major Breakdowns: Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help identify and address minor issues before they become major. This will save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or premature AC unit replacement.
  • Safety: Promptly repairing any issues can help detect potential safety issues, such as faulty wiring or other electrical hazards, before they become a severe risk.

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Don’t let a broken AC unit ruin your summer. Contact Fannon & Sons Heating Cooling for prompt and efficient AC repair services in Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, TN, and all surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians will diagnose and fix your AC issues, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable all summer.

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